Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is your service area?

Leave The Key is based on Long Island, New York – we currently provide probate advisory, estate settlement, and real estate services to people in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queen, and Brooklyn.

Why did you form Leave The Key Probate Services?

We founded Leave The Key after dealing with the probate process firsthand and realizing that people deserved access to sympathetic and compassionate advisors with practical industry knowledge. When my parents passed away a few years ago, many real estate investors swarmed upon me trying to buy my parents’ home and I was offended by their lack of sensitivity or desire to offer the comprehensive help that our family really needed. That experience led me to become a resource to those who have lost loved ones and who are having to settle their estates.

How do I get started with Leave The Key?

Getting started is easy – simply reach out online to schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with our team.

How much does Leave The Key cost?

Our no-cost concierge program is exactly that, no cost!
However, we will refer you out to paid professionals in our network based on your specific needs who will be transparent, open, and honest about their rates.

If your service is free, how do you make money?

We make out money purchasing inherited homes, making them beautiful, and selling them to new families.
If you are interested in our real estate services, that is great and we hope you choose to work with us. But if not, we’re always happy to point you to the right professionals that will simplify the estate settlement and probate process for your family.

Can you refer me to a probate attorney?

Absolutely! We have an extensive network of probate attorneys in the New York area that we can confidently endorse. We can also refer you to real estate agents, moving services, estate sale experts, and a variety of other trusted local professionals.

What is your no-cost concierge program?

As the name suggests, our no-cost probate concierge program is a service we provide to clients free of charge. Through this service, we will discuss your situation, assess your needs, and recommend independent professionals that will best serve you in your specific situation.

Do you buy inherited property for cash?

Yes! If you are looking to quickly and confidently sell inherited real estate, our team is here to help. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

How long does the process take to sell inherited real estate?

There are several different factors that impact the timeline for selling an inherited property, but depending on the situation we can have cash in your hands within as little as 30 days. Our focus is on crafting a solution that meets the specific needs of your situation and family.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

Who owns and operates Leave The Key?

Leave The Key is a family-owned business founded by father and son (and experienced real estate professionals) Larry and Ben Wagner. After Larry served as executor and delt with settling the estates of his parents firsthand they wanted to ensure that others received the compassionate, professional-grade care they deserved.

How can I learn more about the probate process in New York?

We have created a free course about navigating the probate process. Feel free to sign up!

Want to Learn More?

Register for our free online course ‘Navigating Probate in New York’

Have another question for our team?

We’re here to help – feel free to reach out anytime.